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Warrior Gym enthusiastically supports the athletic development of both men and women in the Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia area. Certified aerobics instructor, Levoya Vernon, offers instruction in body strengthening, body toning, and abdominal strengthening. Women in Levoya’s highly popular classes increase their stamina, develop muscle tone, burn calories, and have fun!

Mary Wood of Victory Van corporation says of Levoya, “She is REALLY motivated…love her!” Mary used aerobics to help her recover from hip replacement surgery, and since attending Levoya’s classes, has lost 32 pounds. She won The Biggest Loser competition at her workplace!

Annie Alexander, also of Victory Van, says of Levoya, “I love her intensity. She keeps us going. She is VERY inspiring!” Since participating in Levoya’s aerobics classes, Annie is more toned, and she enjoys attending classes on her lunch hour. Aerobic exercise at Warrior Gym in Alexandria increases her energy, helping her to easily power through afternoons at work.

Christa Kincheloe has eagerly attended Levoya’s classes for 3 years. In 2008, she lost 42 lbs.! And, she has been able to successfully keep that weight off by attending Levoya’s aerobics classes on a regular basis. Like Annie and Mary, Christa cites Levoya’s energy, enthusiasm, and charisma as major, motivating factors in her aerobics participation.

While Women Warriors clearly benefit from intensive aerobic conditioning, they also build confidence and develop their defensive skills with Warrior Gym’s Mixed Martial Arts training. Women are welcomed into each program that is offered, benefitting from the techniques of many martial arts that emphasize combat control through superior positioning and leverage, thereby leveling the playing field amongst the sexes. Women are just as capable as men in developing and utilizing threat neutralization techniques. Warrior Gym proudly supports and encourages the training of Women Warriors!

And, for those Women Warriors who’d like their children to get a head start in physical fitness, consider enrolling them in one of our Judo, Muay Thai, or Karate classes. Our evening schedule is conveniently adapted to your busy lifestyle. While you’re doing aerobics or training with weights, your kids can be getting exercise, building their confidence, and doing something exciting in the world of martial arts. At Warrior Gym, forging Warriors is a family affair!