Warrior Judo
Warrior Gym is home to National, Pan-american, and US open Judo champions. The SportJudo adults and kids program is an extremely successful club that can provide you with high quality Judo instruction. Be a champion trained by champions!

It was Kano Jagoro who introduced Judo to the world in the late 19c. A small, frail man, Jagoro invented Judo in an attempt to defend himself from bullies. He emphasized technique over formal exercise. His original vision has evolved into the exciting discipline of sport Judo (as intended for competition), which emphasizes safety and full physical activity, for top conditioning. Judoka, or Judo practitioners, engage throwing, grappling, special pins, control holds, arm holds, and choking techniques to defeat their opponents.

Warrior Gym relies upon former Olympian and 7th degree Judo black belt, Maurice Allan, to provide expert instruction in sport Judo. Maurice utilizes 30+ years of competitive experience to instruct students of all ages in Judo techniques that require exercise and discipline—techniques that build confidence and respect. Maurice’s Judo programs are tailored to age and ability, as he believes that anyone can practice the sport, and he encourages cross training in the Mixed Martial Arts at Warrior Gym. More information on Maurice Allan is available on his website: http://www.sportjudo.org .